Hunter Dubel Software & Computer Engineer

My Expertise

Studying for a Masters of Science in Software Engineering at Monmouth University. Graduated from The College of New Jersey in '17 with a Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Engineering.


Core applications for managing projects.


Multilingual in code.


Services & Operating Systems.

Featured Projects


Front-End Design for RISC-V Microcontroller Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC)

  • Verilog Hardware Description Language
  • Vivado Design Suite by Xilinx
  • Project Management

We designed a general purpose RISC-V based chip for educational purposes. The chip is able to load and execute code compiled to RISC-V machine language by a separate computer. The chip has 16 General Purpose Input Output pins that can be used for interaction.

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Hack Harassment

Hack Harassment Alexa Skill

  • Neural Networks
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Python Coding Language

Our hack uses a neural network which is trained to identify potential harassment by utilizing static semantic analysis. To help demonstrate the network, it was implemented onto an Amazon Echo. Upon using the Echo's wake word and asking for "Harassment Monitor", the Echo will listen silently in the background for any words spoken and forward them into the neural network. If the network deems that the conversation could be considered harassment, the user is notified by Alexa and an e-mail and an SMS text message is sent to the supplied contact. We hope that by catching harassment and reporting it, the spread of it can be prevented for the greater good of society.

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The Indie Accord

The Indie Accord

  • Project Management
  • Agile Methodology
  • Unity 3D

The Games of Today, Tomorrow!
Project management experience with an agile development team. We build and maintain relations with both internal and external conections. Organize and manage standup meetings and performs the role of scrum master of our kanban board task list.

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